MavenCentral Dependencies Failing To Resolve

As of January 15, 2020 Sonatype, the hosts of the Maven Central repository will no longer be permitting insecure connections to their repository via http. More information on the why´s can be found here. So if you´re working on a Grails application that uses the mavenCentral() repo, and suddenly on a rebuild or refresh of […]

Using Servlets within Grails Applications

Hiding the nuts and bolts of what happens behind the scenes in Grails web applications is one of its strong points. 99% of the time we use controllers and actions, we access the ‘params’ parameter map to see what’s been passed to our code and respond accordingly without never needing to think any further as […]

Grails Metaprogramming

With the extremely rapid rapid application development benefits provided by Grails,  It can be tempting to feel you have learned nearly everything you need to know by the time you’ve got your first web app up linked to a database with full CRUD facilities and error handling ready.  I’m sure you were as impressed with […]