Spring Boot Usage Trends: Insights from Our Community Poll

Spring Boot Usage Trends 2023


In the dynamic world of web development, understanding current trends and preferences is crucial. As a developer and content writer with a focus on Spring Boot, we recently conducted a LinkedIn poll to capture how other professionals are utilizing Spring Boot in their projects. The results, based on responses from over 2,100 participants, provided an intriguing perspective on the current state of software architecture preferences within our community.

Poll Results and Analysis

spring boot usage trends 2023 - results of a LinkedIn Poll.

The poll revealed the following distribution in the usage of Spring Boot:

  • Microservices (65%): Contrary to the common belief that the inherent complexity of microservices might deter their adoption, a substantial majority of respondents favored this approach. This preference indicates a strong inclination towards scalable, independent, and modular system architectures, despite the associated complexities in implementation and maintenance. Spring Boot’s capabilities in simplifying the development and deployment of microservices might be a contributing factor to this trend.
  • Backend API with JavaScript Front End (26%): This approach ranked second in our poll. The integration of Spring Boot for backend development, combined with JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue for the frontend, underscores Spring Boot’s versatility and effectiveness in building contemporary web applications. This result aligns with the industry’s shift towards more interactive and dynamic web interfaces.
  • Monolithic Web Applications (7%): The relatively low preference for monolithic architectures was unexpected. Typically valued for their straightforwardness, especially in smaller-scale projects, monolithic applications seem to be less popular among our respondents. This may reflect a growing preference for more modular and scalable architectures even in contexts where a monolithic approach would be adequate.
  • Serverless (2%): The least preferred option, indicating that while serverless architectures are gaining interest, they are still not the primary choice for most Spring Boot developers. This could be due to the nascent state of serverless computing or a general lack of familiarity within the Spring Boot community.

Reflections on the Results

The high adoption rate of microservices with Spring Boot, despite their complexity, suggests a significant shift in the developer mindset. It appears that the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and the ease of deploying and maintaining individual components of a system are being highly valued. This preference may also reflect the increasing demands of modern applications, where scalability and agility have become more critical than ever.

The lower than expected preference for monolithic architectures raises questions about the future trajectory of software development practices. It suggests a potential decline in the popularity of this approach, at least within the Spring Boot community. However, it is essential to recognize that architecture choices are often context-dependent, and what works for one project may not be ideal for another.


The insights from our community poll paint an interesting picture of current trends in the use of Spring Boot. The strong preference for microservices architecture indicates a shift towards more complex, scalable, and modular systems. This trend, alongside the continued use of Spring Boot for traditional backend API development, underscores the framework’s versatility and adaptability to various architectural styles. As the landscape of web development continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how these preferences change and what new trends emerge.

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