Full Stack App Development

We have many years of experience influencing our development of rich front ends alongside powerful back end systems, from monolithic architectures to API empowered cloud solutions powered by FAAS such as AWS Lambda.

Business App Development

Let us know your requirements in the language you speak and we’ll discuss what can and cannot be achieved with todays technology. We work hard to ensure we know your business thoroughly and sufficiently before delivering any solution.

Mobile App Development

Kick-off your app project, we will work together through your ideas to ensure we deliver a product that has all the functionality your company requires and most importantly help you achieve your business goals.

SAAS Development

As AWS certified partners, we know the cloud and the myriad of possibilities it brings. We have developed rich SAAS (Software As A Service) systems and can assist in strategy, development and maintenance.

Legacy App Conversion

Do you have an aging legacy application that is no longer supported, perhaps there are no longer developers available to maintain the product or it is no longer compatible with todays OS’s. Or perhaps you want to know the work required to convert a desktop app to the web?

Grails Consultancy

We have many years expertise developing with the Grails framework and can help with everything from new developments to legacy version upgrades.

Our years of experience, is your business success

Tucanoo engages, educates and inspire our customers with a comprehensive suite of website development and digital marketing services. Our team of skilled developers will deliver the optimal solutions for your business, giving you the tools you need to get results.

Our Clients