Rapid, agile software development

We know the web, since 2011 we have been engaged in custom web development for B2B and consumer products online pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved within a browser-based interface.

We’ve seen frameworks come and go, new technologies rise in popularity changing the way we work online.

We go to great lengths to embrace change and keep up to speed with today’s possibilities in order to pass on our knowledge and experience to you.


Mobile-first, responsive is a must…

You may read these headlines in other technology blogs and guidelines by Google. And in many cases, it’s true, if you are releasing a website to the general public.

But if your users are your office staff working with desktop PC’s, and have no intention of accessing your application via a mobile phone or tablet, then designing the perfect experience for the desktop comes first.

So despite the buzz words and technical jargon that might be currently in the mainstream media, we always take a common-sense approach and listen to your needs first and foremost.

Cloud Development and Architecting

Our staff are certified AWS Cloud professionals and keep up to date with the frequent service changes from Amazon Web Services.

AWS allows us to bring literally hundreds of services to our business such as:

Auto Scaling Virtual Servers
Domain Management
Automated Testing & Deployment
AI Powered Services
Document Processing (Redaction / PDF)
Database Management
Unlimited Storage
Bank Grade Security
Standards Compliance (HIPAA etc.)
Email & SMS Gateways
FaaS (Function as a Service)
API Devleopment & Deployment

SaaS (Software as a Service)

We can help with SaaS strategy, development and support. We have developed cloud-based systems where potential users can instantiate and launch custom, isolated, versions of the software specifically for them alone to use for a limited time-based trial.

Amazon Web Services allow us to manage the distinct isolated resources required for each customer, their virtual servers, databases, etc.

We utilise 3rd party services to enable our customers to have full control over the management and administration of the SAAS platform, such as the customer management, billing and subscription aspects of the service, and even customer support through in-app chat and support ticket systems.


Monolithic or Microservice Architectures

For many years we have been developing the traditional ‘monolithic’ application. That is, single, all-encompassing deployments of code containing all the front end and back end functionality.

This is still very popular today however more and more companies are now looking at cutting costs and separation of responsibility through microservices architectures.

There are pros and cons to each approach, and not one single approach fits all requirements. With FAAS (Function As A Service) platforms such as AWS Lambda and API Gateway it is possible to design and even define from code, an entire microservice-based architecture and all required resources.

Coupled with javascript based front ends, such as Vue, React or the even the upcoming Svelte, front end code can be deployed at practically no cost. Similarly with little to low costs incurred through back end functionality powered by an API. It’s certainly an attractive alternative to a traditional scaling cloud instance architecture.

Workflow Efficiency

From the start of any project, we typically establish testing and development environments that you, our customer, can access to monitor the ongoing development and importantly provide frequent feedback. At Tucanoo we pride ourselves on our agile development methodology which allows us to respond to change requests and deploy updates rapidly and frequently.
We also establish 3rd party services such as Jira for support tracking and ticketing to keep track of and to manage issues and change requests. And when appropriate, we prefer to keep all project discussion and communication in trackable searchable form, therefore using services like Slack for project discussion rather than just Email offers us further benefits and improvements to our approach to design and development.

We're with you all the way



Let us know your ideas and needs and we’ll respond with questions. Probably lots of questions until we’re crystal clear we understand exactly what you want to achieve.


Typically we’ll send you mock-ups, and documentation outlining what we can do at a high level to give you an overview of the solution we are proposing.

Proof Of Concept

We will set to work on building a prototype application. Typically this is to showcase the fundamentals of your requirements with no bells or whistles.

Agile Development

As we set to working turning the POC to a production ready system we can identify and quickly realise any necessary changes that come to light

Go Live!

When it’s time to go live, we can establish in-app chat, ticketing and knowledge base help so users will never be unsupported.