Build a Microservices CRM with Spring Boot Kotlin and React
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How to build a Microservices CRM with Spring Boot, Kotlin and React.

In this tutorial, we will build a fully functional CRM based on a typical microservice architecture. The languages and frameworks used are Java 17, Kotlin, Spring Boot 3, and React 18 for the front-end application. It is intended that you can follow through from start to finish without prior knowledge

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Spring Batch Example Tutorial Header
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Spring Batch Example – Building a bulk contact importer

In today’s data-driven world, efficiently handling vast volumes of data is paramount. This often involves tasks like ETL processes, data migrations, or other batch operations. Faced with these challenges, the initial impulse might be to build a custom solution. However, specialized frameworks, like Spring Batch, are tailor-made for these use

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healthcare application development us hipaa vs uk nhs gdpr regulations
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Healthcare application development: Navigating US HIPAA and UK NHS/GDPR regulations.

In today’s globalized digital health landscape, software developers aiming to create healthcare applications targeting both the U.S. and the UK markets must grapple with differing regulatory frameworks. Understanding the nuances of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the NHS’s alignment with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Apache Kafka with React & Spring Boot Tutorial
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Integrating Apache Kafka with React & Spring Boot: A Dockerized Tutorial

Enterprises and developers face big data challenges. Real-time data processing is now a top priority for many applications across various industries. Apache Kafka is a leading distributed streaming platform. It’s designed for high-throughput real-time streams. Its features appeal to professionals needing to handle, analyze, and process data effortlessly. In this

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Legacy App Modernization
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Legacy App Modernization

In today’s world, business requirements change quickly, often driven by technological innovations that appear on an almost daily basis. To meet the marketplace challenges posed by those changes, companies often must continually update the capabilities of the software applications on which their business operations depend. For companies that have been

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