Build a Microservices CRM with Spring Boot Kotlin and React

How to build a Microservices CRM with Spring Boot, Kotlin and React.

In this tutorial, we will build a fully functional CRM based on a typical microservice architecture. The languages and frameworks used are Java 17, Kotlin, Spring Boot 3, and React 18 for the front-end application. It is intended that you can follow through from start to finish without prior knowledge of microservices but it would […]

Spring Boot OpenAI Embeddings Tutorial Header

Semantic Search tutorial with Spring Boot and OpenAI Embeddings.

The goal of this tutorial is twofold. First, we aim to give readers a solid grasp of embeddings in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Next, we guide you through building a semantic search example using Spring Boot and OpenAI embeddings, free of extra dependencies. In software engineering’s vast world, AI’s rise, and techniques like embeddings […]

Grails to AWS Elastic Beanstalk build pipeline with NGINX customization

This article is largely to document how to configure a Grails application to deploy to Elastic Beanstalk successfully with some specific requirements. Note this article reflects deployments based on Amazon Linux 2, as of August 2023. There are many ways to deploy to AWS, In this particular scenario my requirements are as such. It is […]

Spring Batch Example Tutorial Header

Spring Batch Example – Building a bulk contact importer

In today’s data-driven world, efficiently handling vast volumes of data is paramount. This often involves tasks like ETL processes, data migrations, or other batch operations. Faced with these challenges, the initial impulse might be to build a custom solution. However, specialized frameworks, like Spring Batch, are tailor-made for these use cases. Through this practical Spring […]