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Software Development

Looking to create custom, scalable software solution?

Tucanoo Solutions Ltd are a bespoke software development company specialising in cloud-based web solutions. We have been in business since 2011 producing custom software applications for many different markets to clients around the globe. We are a small business with a highly-skilled, experienced and creative team that cares as much about your business as our own. Our relationships don’t stop when development stops, we continue our support, advice and consultancy as long as it is needed.

Web Application Development Services

Produce the report you need with the predefined reports or customize a report to produce the overview you need.

Full Stack Development

Development of rich front ends alongside powerful back end systems, from monolithic architectures to API empowered cloud solutions

Legacy App Conversion

Do you have an ageing legacy application that is no longer supported? Or perhaps you want to know the work required to convert a desktop app to the web?

Business App Development

Let us know your requirements in the language you speak and we’ll discuss what can and cannot be achieved with todays technology.

Grails Consultancy

We have many years expertise developing with the Grails framework and can help with everything from new developments to legacy version upgrades.

SAAS Development

AWS certified we know the cloud and the myriad of possibilities it brings. We have developed rich SAAS (Software As A Service) systems.

Mobile App Development

We’ll work together through your ideas to ensure we deliver a product that has all the functionality your company requires and most importantly help you achieve your business goals.

Technologies and Framework

tools we work with

What our clients say

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Sébastien Galtier

Project Manager in the United Nations
We have hired David as a consultant to help us with the migration and global improvement of one of our critical web application used by dozens of customs authorities and many other stakeholders around the world. David has a great expertise in Grails/Groovy and he did an excellent job in performing what was requested. David is also very professional as he has a keen interest in quality, focusing on automated tests, and he didn't hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure the long term viability of our application.

Dr. Richard Tannenbaum

We have developed many packages together and they have always been a good collaborator. Tucanoo use efficient planning tools to track software development so that all concerned with a project know the state of play – what issues are outstanding and what has been accomplished.

Martin Gluckman

Cape Town, South Africa
Tucanoo are master programmers and from the outset was a pleasure to work with, professional, timely, able, diligent and communicative. Look forward to working with them again. Highly recommended!

Gary J. Zalarick Esq.

Attorney at Law, NJ, USA
The professionalism and knowledge that Tucanoo and Dave have shown to our law firm in areas of software development, web site development/maintenance, SEO development, logistics (from start-up thru striving company), on-boarding new clients, and customer support, has been priceless.

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